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I have worked with Gary multiple times and I’m never disappointed! He has great ideas for photos and makes the shoot fun and exciting. I am never disappointed by the photos I get from him; they are always amazing. I highly recommend working with him for photos! - Alyson Pearson (Cos-Player)

My experience with Gary D. Reed was great! It was fun and he was really great to work with! He made it easy to take pictures, never once made me feel uncomfortable in any way! He kept cracking jokes and talking about music, it was awesome! The pictures were amazing! He did a GREAT job! I would totally recommend him! I think he is doing a great job at photography, so I would definitely tell others to do photo shoots with him! If he gave me the chance, I think I would do another shoot since it was so much fun and I had never done anything like that before! - Christine Hartley

This photographer was great, he was very open minded to our ideas and helped us accomplish our Ideas in the photos. I felt very comfortable working with him and he was very easy to get along with. The pictures were great, I loved them! I would love to do another photo shoot with him if I had the chance; and I would defiantly recommend him to others looking for photography sessions. - Clarissa Molinar

Working with Gary was a blast! He was extremely professional but fun and lively. It was a priority of his to make sure I was comfortable throughout the planning process and while I was at the shoot. The end product was absolutely beautiful. I would definitely work with him again!-Danielle Hartley

My experience with Gary D. Reed at the photo shoot was excellent. Gary is very easy to get along with and he can have friendly conversations without getting distracted from his work. The images that were given to me were very well done. I would, without a doubt, recommend Gary D. Reed to my friends and family. - Daxx Dalton

Working with this photographer was very fun and accomplishing. The images that were given to me were how I expected them, good quality. I felt very comfortable working with this photographer the whole time.  -Gabbie Jimenez

The photographer Gary D. Reed is a very funny and talented guy; he made my picture taking experience super fun! I surely recommend him for any picture taking occasion. -Guitzel Cornejo

I recently had the opportunity to do a group photo shoot with Gary D. Reed. He was fantastic to work with. He knew all the characters that the people in the group were portraying and had different ideas for how to pose and place us for both group and individual shots. He also had lots of ideas for some fun shots. He was very nice and patient with all of us, we were a pretty big group, and was more than willing to take photos in poses and places that we were hoping to get. -Katie Huber (Cos-Player)

I had the pleasure of working with Gary for my first photo shoot; I can honestly and confidently say that he is not only an amazing photographer, but extremely professional. His creativity is also undeniable and inspiring. There is no question that I have found the perfect photographer. Thank you Gary! - Omayra (Golden, CO)

It was a lot of fun working with Gary! I'm honestly pretty shy when it comes to taking pictures but he always asked if I was comfortable with the ideas he had in mind. The pictures came out amazing, he really pays attention to detail and his enthusiasm and passion for photography really shines through. I would totally recommend him to others.-Zorayda Campos